Thursday, March 10, 2011

K Doesn't Want to Grow Up

I have come the conclusion over the past few days that my Miss K loves being a baby.  She revels in it.  Where E, my first, was chattering with an amazing vocabulary and crisp enunciation, K talks remarkably like Boo.  L, the second, wanted to be just like E.  At just barely two years old she started asking nearly every day when it was her turn to go to preschool.  K, well, she is in no hurry to be a kid.  It's like she just knows she's the baby right now, and she's gonna milk it for all it's worth. 
E and L loved getting big girl beds for their second birthdays.  We just barely put up K's big girl bed about 10 days ago (although she turned two last November), and although she has slept well--in part because she doesn't know how to open her door yet, bwahahahaha--she's been skeptical.  Last night she was about to climb in, and in a rare moment of vocal clarity, announced, "Don't wan dis bed."  I made non-committal shrugs and noises and she persisted, "Where K bed."  I extolled the amazing virtues of Princess Tiana sheets and demonstrated how soft they were and how they made me feel like a princess.  "DON'T WAN DIS BED."  Then I gave up and passed her off to Daddy and let him be the bad guy.
Oh well.  She will be our baby for a few more years, as we save up to adopt two baby boys from Ethiopia.  I guess we all might as well enjoy it.  She's pretty dang cute.

Anyone else have a child who was hugely reluctant to leave babyhood?

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