Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Feeling Like I Got Something Done...

I bought these two long sleeved shirts on clearance at Carters and converted them into short sleeve, using the excess sleeve fabric to make tabs. 
I'm really pleased with the results, and how easy it was.  I think I will incorporate the tab sleeves in some new designs for my shop.  Also, I want yards and yards and yards of that lighter gray fabric.  YUM.

I have been envisioning these pictures since we put an offer on this new house back at the end of October, and now it's finally real!  And I love it!  It makes the kitchen feel taller--we have tall ceilings, but with the shorter cupboards (standard, I guess, the last house's cupboards were just extra tall) I didn't sense how tall it actually is in here.  I used some scrapbook paper from the Snack Stack and frames from good ol' Ikea.  Next up, I'm painting that cabinets, and I'm going to copy this gray and white look from Dana at Made.
Per the recommendation of Miss Dolce Vita Mia, I headed up to Sas Fabrics in Tempe last week, with a cruddy feeling K in a stroller.  She was on day one of those little fever viruses, no other symptoms, just general blah-ness.  It made for easy shopping since she just hung out in her stroller with a big cold sippy of fruit punch.  Sad, but helpful.  (Not contagious either--and I did end up on the couch snuggling her pretty much the rest of the week, so I'm not a completely awful mom!)
Anyhow, so these are some fabulous knits I found.  Skulls with white ruffles, anyone?  I know one of my girls is getting one!

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