Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Five Favorites

I have come to accept that I am not a blogger.  But, in an effort to try all these different social media, I am committing to doing my new idea once a week, Friday Five Favorites, where I share random stuff I like.  Maybe I'll figure out how to make it a linky party someday, but only if someone wants to and explains how very slowly and in basic English.

#1) White Noise App

When I was 19 I got addicted to sleeping with white noise, thanks to a creek that ran behind my bedroom window in my BYU condo.  We usually bring an extra fan when we travel, because we're driving and have the room.  So this last weekend when I was at Utah for Snap I stayed with my aunt, who doesn't have any fans.  My brain will NOT turn off if it's too quiet.  So after one night of not sleeping much, I decided to check the app store.  And whaddya know.  There IS an app for that.  

It's fabulous, has several different sounds (included oscillating fan, woohoo!), a sleep timer and options to fade the sound out.  Worked like a charm.  And free!  Oh, iphone, how I love you.

#2) My Book Club

We meet once a month and try and alternate emotionally heavy books with light books.  We try and push ourselves out of our comfort zone and read different types of books.  And inevitably our conversation turns to pretty much anything under the sun.  Love.

#3) Dean Koontz's Frankenstein Series

I got turned onto Dean Koontz's new stuff through my friend (also in my book club) and I've been eating up this five book series, which goes along the idea that all the events in the original Frankenstein were true, and Frankenstein is alive and well and has evil plans to take over the world (not JUST the tri-state area).  The heroes are heroic, the dialogue is snappy, and the pace is fast and tense.   

#4) My Dad

My Dad voluntarily flew out (not his favorite mode of transportation) to come play with the kids while I was at Snap.  He got everyone to school and preschool, ran errands, did laundry, kept the house from imploding, and regaled the kids with his original Ammy and Ooloo stories at bedtime.  Not an easy task!  

(Old picture from 2006 when L was the baby.)

#5) Strawberries & Cool Whip

Because they're good.


  1. 1) my daughters ( and husband) lol
    2) dessert
    3) wearing skirts
    4) project life
    5) creating crafty things

  2. My 5:
    1~ Battlestar Galactica
    2~ shoes (specifically wedges, which it turns out are the only high heel type shoes I can wear without breaking my ankle)
    3~ watching my kids be goofballs
    4~ singing along to my favorite music while driving with the windows down. Ahhh, heaven.
    5~ Dove chocolates

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