Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Agent P

When my sister-in-law called wondering how she was going to pull off an Agent P costume for her 3 year old, the gears started turning in my head and I couldn't NOT do it.  

It turned out the way I imagined it, which is always very satisfying.

I referred to these tutorials for sewing up the shirt and pants.  

For the webbed feet, beaver tail and duck bill I used double layers of felt.  With the tail I added a layer of batting between and quilted the cross-hatching into it to give it some dimension and texture.  Between the felt layers on the bill I hand-stitched two bits of pipe cleaners to help bend the bill into a curved shape.  They're all separate pieces, with elastic to fit around his ankles, waist and around his face.

They already had the hat.  PHEW.

I had imagined myself making a detailed tutorial for each piece, but then I just wanted to get it done.  ;)

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