Thursday, November 17, 2011

Instagram Friday!

I've decided to start linking up to Instagram Friday on Life Rearranged.  Next week, though, as this week she was doing a different project for Instagram Friday.  Anyhow, it makes me more accountable to record our family's week...and I get to play with my new iphone!  Woot.

"Schnuggle me, Mom.  I need schnuggles." 

Round One of E's  braces DONE.  

"Sit on the couch wif me, Mom.  Sit."

Best grocery shoppers.  A is rocking L's Fancy Nancy headband from Halloween.

Please note: Tiana pillowcase, baby Tiana doll under arm, Tiana frog, Tiana softie, and Naveen frog between the wall and bed.

L is not in any of the pics.  But she did record close to 1,000 videos of herself on my phone.  

1 comment:

  1. L isn't shy - she's just always in motion and a still photo isn't enough