Monday, November 15, 2010

Queen Bee Market

Here's a scary picture of me.  I really hate being on the other side of the camera!  BUT, I had a ton of fun at the Queen Bee Market this last weekend.
(Thanks to Miss Dolce Vita Mia for the picture!)

The most fabulous thing of the Market for me was meeting other vendors and making new friends.  (Oh, and having a girls' weekend with two awesome friends!)  It was really gorgeous and I wish I had come with a million bucks to just blow on the whole thing.  It was the best kind of eye candy. 

Thank you thank you Mique and Jessica!!

And whenever Margot wants to come hang out with me and Kassie, it won't be soon enough!

Fabulous Crystal is going to show me all the best spots in the LA Fashion District this spring.  Can't wait!

I would so love to go flea market shopping with Michelle

We had a GREAT row.  Fun girls to hang out with, and we definitely had the best smelling row

When I have a chance tomorrow I will link up to some of my favorite shops from the Market.

Seriously, it was like a summer camp for us big girls.  I have a bum pocket full of business cards and a head full of new things I've learned.  And arteries full of Little Italy, but that's another story.


  1. Thee cutest little dresses I've seen in a long time!! I'm sending emails to all my friends with little girls and telling them to come check you out!!

    Can't wait for our trip to L.A.!!

  2. I want in on the LA trip!! And here's keeping fingers crossed that we are both 20 pounds lighter by May! Thanks for leaving a comment! Sorry I didn't get to met you at QBM...for sure next time.