Wednesday, November 17, 2010

K is TWO.

We got these pictures done while visiting my mom in New Mexico.  Her friend Pam from Etherdox Photography did the girls' pictures for Halloween and we quickly changed K for some shots for her birthday as well.  I did double duty and whipped her up a dress so I could use the shots for my elk stuff!  Check 'em out.  They really turned out fabulous.

The best thing about Pam is that she's a mom, so she knows how those two year olds roll.  As in, rolling the opposite way of however you want them to roll.  I loved that she just followed her around, and the shots turned out beautifully.  And since you're all DYING to know what they were for Halloween, I'll post a couple of those shots too.
 E was Queen Clarion from Tinkerbell, but the one from the books, not the movie.  K was Minnie Mouse (didn't want to wear the ears here) and L was Snow White.  Their lovely Awa (my mom) made the costumes. 

And once she got on the swing, she wore the hat.  Phew! 

The yo yo kimono dress (well, not the actual one, just the style!)  from K's two year old pictures is available in a 3T or a pick your size/color on my etsy shop. 

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  1. K she is the cutest thing ever! I can't believe you got such cute pictures of a two year old. My nephew is that old and there is no way he would sit long enough to get a good shot.. haha
    Love the costumes too. :)