Friday, December 16, 2011

Instagram Friday!

Linking up at Life Rearranged for Instagram Friday!

The beginning of the week had an insane amount of rainbows...

All of them were the full-on, St. Louis style huge arches.  Do rainbows ever stop being totally unreal and magic?

We took the girls for their traditional Christmas gift from mom and dad--Build a Bears.

L named her orange cat Tiger.

K named her border collie Basket.

E named her fennec fox Melody.

L and K had a little Christmas performance for dance.  They both ate it up.  They are divas.

They also had fun playing before bed last night while E was at soccer.  Their fun is insane and I'm just glad we didn't end up in the ER with skull fractures, but they were laughing the whole time.  That's good, right?

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